Capricorn Investment Holdings Ltd (CIH) - was established in 1996 as a regional financial services group.  The group has interests in banking, insurance, capital and money markets, asset management and micro finance, with a diversified business portfolio in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

Capricorn Group was incorporated on 5 September 1996 as an investment holding company.  The company was established in terms of a merger concluded in terms of the Building Societies Amendment Act, 1994, between Bank Windhoek and the former Namib Building Society. In 2013 Capricorn Group successfully listed on the Namibian Stack Exchange and the company is growing from strength to strength. Capricorn Group is the holding company for the bancassurance businesses of the CIH Group.
Capricorn Asset Management (Pty) Ltd
Capricorn Asset Management Ltd (CAM) - serves the unique investment needs of Namibian institutions, corporations and high net-worth individuals.  CAM provides them access to investments in all major asset classes such as the local unit trust funds, government security trading, trust services, international investments, etc. 
Cavmont Capital Bank (CCB) Ltd
Cavmont Bank Ltd - is a medium-sized commercial bank in Zambia, owned by Cavmont Capital Holdings Zambia PLC in which CIH holds 44.2% shares.  They offer individuals and corporates a variety of affordable products and services.
Bank Gaborone Ltd - is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capricorn Investment Holdings (Botswana) (Pty) Limited in which CIH (Namibia) holds 94.9% interest. Bank Gaborone offers a suite of competitive products and services to its clients.
Nam-Mic Financial Services Holdings (Pty) Limited
Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings (Pty) Limited (NFSH) - is the largest single investment house owned by Namibian unions. Their ultimate beneficiaries are the union members and their dependants.  Nam-mic Financial Solutions (Pty) Limited (NFS) offers micro finance to union members in partnership with Bank Windhoek Limited.

Sanlam Namibia Holdings Ltd - is a financial services group focusing on life insurance, savings and investment products.  Their offers include children’s insurance, risk insurance, savings and investment as well as retirement provision. Sanlam Namibia further offers group scheme products for SMEs, corporate bodies, unions and other organisations.

Santam Namibia Limited - is the largest short-term insurance company in Namibia offering insurance products for personal, corporate, commercial and agricultural needs as well as specialized insurance for particular requirements.

Namib Bou Ltd - acts as the social responsibility arm of the CIH group in the area of urban development. They facilitate the provision of affordable housing between the local authorities and financial institutions (banks) for the lower and middle income groups. 

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