Risk Statement

Please note that the information contained in this guide is of a general nature only, does not constitute financial advice, and does not take into account the investor's individual and unique investment character, circumstances or needs.

All investments involve risk which may result in the loss of money invested. Before making decisions about your investments, you should consider your individual circumstances and sentiment towards all the risks associated with investments.

We encourage you to seek advice from an authorised financial advisor registered at Namfisa.

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Time Horizon

Select the length of time from when the investment is made to when it is expected that the investment may need to be withdrawn below:

0 - 2 years    1 - 3 years    3 - 10 years and longer

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Expected Return

Indicate your investment return expectation by selecting one of the options below:

Bank Deposit Rate    Bank Deposit Rate + 2 - 4%    Bank Deposit Rate + 5% and more

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Market Risk

Select the level of price movement (volatility) you are willing to accept for your investment below:

Low Volatility    Medium Volatility Rate + 2-4%    High Volatility Rate + 5% and more

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