Bank Windhoek was established in 1982, when a group of Namibian entrepreneurs took over eight local branches of Volkskas Bank. The aim was to create a financially independent bank for Namibians in Namibia. Over the years, Bank Windhoek has built a strong financial position and achieved remarkable growth.

As a unique Namibian bank, our heritage has always played a vital role in the way we approach our banking. Being Namibian, we have always had a set of challenges along the way. Not only have these challenges helped shape us in the bank we are today, but they have also cemented our legacy as a unique Namibian bank for Namibians. By keeping our roots firmly grounded in what we know best – our country and its people – our commitment towards building relationships within the communities we operate in, remains a key focus of our organization and tangible through various socio-economic and consumer education initiatives.

Bank Windhoek also remains committed to give its clients the best advice on using their bank accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible. As the financial partner of our clients, our range of consumer education initiatives are therefore aimed at empowering our clients and the Namibian public with knowledge, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their finances and increasing their financial literacy.

The entrenchment of our Service Charter inside the organisation will remain a strong focus, as we believe that in a competitive environment like banking, it is often the level of service excellence that differentiates us from the rest. Our Service Values: Friendliness, Helpfulness, Professionalism, Competency, Efficiency and Empathy will therefore continue to guide our day to day interaction with our clients and stakeholders showing that Together we do Better.