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What projects qualify?​

We will evaluate project eligibility based on our Sustainable Bon​d Framework. Eligible projects include but are not limited to the following broad categories that are in part aligned with the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

• Energy and resource efficiency

• Green buildings and sustainable cities and communities

• Sustainable waste management

• Sustainable land use

• Clean transportation​

• Sustainable water and sanitation management

• Climate change adaption

• Climate-smart agriculture

• Non-energy greenhouse gas emission reduction

• Reduced inequalities

• Responsible consumption and production

• Affordable housing

• Improve access to funding for small and medium enterprises and micro businesses

• Women in business​

How much can the business borrow?

There is no minimum amount the business can apply for, and the maximum amount will depend on the business's repayment capability at the time of the loan application. The repayment term is up to 120 months, and we can structure a repayment plan to suit your affordability.

How does Sustainability Loan get approved?

Our team requires a full proposal of the intended project to evaluate, and your loan application will be considered based on the information provided. In some cases, we may ask for additional information.​

The turn-around time for the application process depends on the quality and timely submission of required documentation.​

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