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Savings and Deposit Accounts

What are the benefits of a Savings Account?

In a market where there is a multitude of different investment options to choose from, a traditional financial product like a savings account offers flexibility, access, security and low costs.

The key benefits include:

  • You do not have to contribute a fixed amount at regular intervals or a lump sum as required by other investment products
  • You always have unlimited and immediate access to your money
  • The bank guarantees that your investment will be paid out with interest
  • The only costs involved are transaction fees

How do I choose the right deposit facility?

A deposit account is ideal when you have surplus funds (cash) that you do not have an immediate use for. The interest you receive on a deposit account is more favorable than that of a normal savings account or transaction account. If you have money to spare, put it away and earn even more.

Fixed Deposit benefits include:

  • Your funds are invested for a fixed period of time
  • You can receive the interest at the end of the fixed period or regularly throughout the period, for example monthly, quarterly or annually
  • You receive a fixed, highly competitive rate of interest
  • You may use your deposit as security for a personal loan or other loans

Notice Deposit benefits include:

  • Your invested funds are released 32, 60 or 88 days after you have given us notice
  • Interest is calculated daily and capitalised monthly

Call Accounts benefits include:

  • You have access to your money at any time, but you must maintain a minimum balance

Vehicle Insurance

Your car is an indispensable part of your life. Consider the many potential risks that your car is exposed to and ensure that it is sufficiently protected against any eventuality.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance includes the following benefits:

  • The option of replacing a vehicle after theft or loss;
  • Replacement costs for locks, keys and remote controls;
  • Recovery costs for found vehicle following theft or hijacking;
  • Emergency accommodation;
  • Emergency costs payable to public authorities; and
  • Trauma treatment.

What factors will determine your vehicle's insurance premiums?

Your age, occupation, history of prior insurance claims, type of vehicle, security features of the vehicle, where the vehicle is parked at night, the vehicle's age and capacity, financial history and past driving violations could all play a role in raising or lowering your premium.

Should you buy that vehicle?

Before buying a vehicle, take the time to enquire how reasonable its price is, how sound it is mechanically and if it is a pre-owned vehicle - has it been involved in any major accidents. Generally, the dealer selling you the vehicle will be able to provide you with this information. You may however obtain independent advice from a mechanic, panel-beater or the Automobile Association (AA). When buying a new vehicle, ensure that the dealer provides you with a factory warranty and guarantee.


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