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Option 1:

As an arranger, the bank can prepare a roadshow to present your business to potential investors. We can also facilitate the issuance of a bond to raise funds for various initiatives that support your strategic objectives or to fund large-scale capital projects. 

Bonds are issued on a private placement or at public auction, and the bank can assist with listing the bond on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSE) or the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). A listing provides more liquidity to raise funds. Issuers use the market to raise funds, and investors purchase the paper to boost portfolio returns. ​

Option 2:

As an investor, your business can invest in corporate or government bonds, and the bank can assist with trading any of these instruments. Bond interest can be paid quarterly or bi-annually at a variable or fixed rate.

Your business can use government-issued bonds as collateral for a loan or when applying for credit. It allows investors to sell their investment in the secondary market any time before maturity, at market-related rates. 

Terms and C​onditions apply​.​

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On 28 June 2010, Bank Windhoek Limited (the Issuer), established a NAD1,000,000,000 Note Programme (the Programme) pursuant to a programme memorandum dated 28 June 2010 which was subsequently amended, restated and increased to ZAR​5,000,000,000/NAD5,000,000,000 on 12 November 2013 (together, the Previous Programme Memoranda) for the issuance of notes. This amended and restated programme memorandum (this Programme Memorandum) will apply to all Notes (as defined herein) issued under the Programme on or after 30 April 2019 (this Programme Date) and will in respect of such Notes, supersede and replace the Previous Programme Memoranda in their entirety.​  Click here to read more about the Programme Memorandum...>>

Listed Bonds​​

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