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This solution is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell one currency in exchange for another, for settlement two days later. 

Spot Transactions are used to convert one currency into another immediately. Our Treasury experts are actively participating in the Spot Markets to secure transactions on behalf of your business.

​Our extensive global network of correspondent banks enables our team to settle payments in major currencies. 

As an extension of our Spot Foreign Exchange Trading services, we also offer the following:

Market Order Services

Our Treasury experts actively monitor the market during business hours and can assist with overnight order tracking if required. This enables your business to take advantage of positive intra-day (buying and selling stocks on the same trading day) market movements with limited possibility for opportunity losses.

Our Market Order Services allows​ your business to place stop-loss or take-profit orders at pre-determined levels for spot or forward transactions. 

Advisory Services

We are perfectly positioned to be continuously aware of developments and movements in the foreign exchange market and will gladly give you regular updates of our views on the foreign exchange market including technical trends as well as fundamental events influencing the exchange rate.  

We also provide expert analysis on future exchange rates and hedging methods.  

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