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​Trade Finance Credit

Working capital is key to the success of any business. With Trade Finance Credit, we provide specialised financing solutions to enable international trade, which conventional products cannot satisfy. These financing solutions include pre- or post-shipment export financing and invoice discounting.


We offer security for various performance and payment obligations when your business participates in a tender or signs contracts to cover advance payments or goods delivery. The guarantee can also serve as security for loans.

Letters of Credit

To support your business import needs, we offer Letters of Credit.  Letters of Credit guard the buyer's interest to ensure that goods or services are received while guaranteeing the exporter's full payment on the transaction. 

The trading terms stipulated in the document are governed by the International Chamber of Commerce – Uniform Custom and Practice rules.

Requirements for Letters of Credit:

  • Subject to the risk profile and collateral available.

  • A sales contract or proforma invoice ​from the importer.

Documentary Collections

We send your business export documents to the buyer's bank in their respective country. These documents are only released to the buyer when payment terms and conditions are met.

Requirements for documentary collections:

  • The exporter must present the bank with the trade documents to be sent to the importer's bank for payment.

  • The importer will receive documents forwarded to Bank Windhoek upon payment.​

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