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Treasury bills are considered safe and conservative investments because of the government guarantee.

Your business can invest in Treasury bills to diversify your investment portfolio. Treasury bills are short-term interest-earning investment instruments. They are traded on a discount basis, and your business will pay a consideration that is less than the face value of the instrument and receive the nominal face value at the instrument’s maturity. 

Primary auctions or maturity periods of 91, 182, 273, or 365 days are held monthly. Bank Windhoek is also an active participant in the secondary market to buy and sell Treasury bills during the instrument’s life. The bank will provide your business with weekly information on new auctions, market expectations and historical performance and can submit bids on a live auction on your behalf. Treasury bills are actively trading in the secondary market, giving investors the comfort to liquidate investments before maturity.  

What are the benefits?

  • It’s a low-risk, short-term money market investment.

  • The interest earned on Treasury bills is subject to standard taxation regulations. Investors can sell their investment at any time before the maturity date at market-related rates. Terms ​and C​onditions apply.​

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