Cross-border payments to South African banks

On 23 September 2019, in compliance with the implementation of the Common Monetary Area Payment System Oversight Committee directive, Bank Windhoek successfully updated their iBank services to meet international standards relating to anti-money laundering practices.

This involved the addition of information fields in the beneficiary front pages which is compulsory to complete before an electronic funds transfer to banks in South Africa can be processed.

When making payments to benefici​aries or creditors, users will be required to update these additional fields for their South African beneficiaries or creditors. The mandatory fields on iBank which must be  completed include: country, province, city, first name, surname, gender, name of the entity, the reason for payment, residential address, and in the case of travel allowance, passport country and passport number.

Updating of beneficiaries or creditors takes place on the iBank platform in a secure environment. No links will be sent to customers to update their details, passwords or beneficiaries/creditors. 

Process to follow on Bank Windhoek iBank to make a payment to South Africa (All SA Banks):

For existing Beneficiary (single transaction or recurring payment):

  1. Log onto iBank
  2. Choose Beneficiaries, Maintain Beneficiaries and then select to Edit Beneficiaries.
  3. Complete fields for RSA Payment:
  • Beneficiary Detail (Name and Surname for individuals/ Organisation name)
  • Beneficiary Address (physical address, province, country)
  • Reason for Payment

For new Beneficiary:

  1. Log onto iBank
  2. Select Beneficiaries and then Add Beneficiaries.
  3. Select the RSA Bank.
  4. Complete fields for International Payment:
  • Beneficiary Detail (Name and Surname for individuals/ Organisation name)
  • Beneficiary Address (physical address, province, country)
  • Reason for Payment

Earlier this month, several banks in South Africa indicated that system enhancements to meet the directive would not be viable for them and opted out. As a result, payments from Namibian banks to these non-participating South African banks will be treated as international SWIFT transactions, which will be charged a transaction fee of N$177.50.

All Namibian users need to note that SWIFT transaction payments will take a minimum of two working days from the action date, before payments reflect on recipient or beneficiaries' accounts. The same applies to recurring payments, such as salaries to individuals.

Bank Windhoek's SWIFT code is BWLINANX and can be used by all customers wishing to make payments to Bank Windhoek. 

List of non-participating South African Banks:​

 Bank Origination / Initiating Receiving / Processing
African Bank Ltd No No
Albaraka Bank Ltd No No
Bank Zero No No
Bidvest Bank Ltd No No
BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking No No
Capitec Bank Ltd No No
Citibank NA South Africa No No
Discovery Bank No No
Finbond Mutual Bank No No
Grindrod Bank Ltd No No
Habib Overseas Bank Ltd No No
HBZ Bank Ltd No No
Investec Bank Ltd No No
JPMorgan Chase Bank No No
Mercantile Bank Ltd No No
Postbank (SAPO) No No
SA Bank of Athens Ltd No No
Sasfin Bank Limited No No
Societe Generale No No
Standard Chartered Bank No No
State Bank of India SA No No
Tyme Bank No No
UBank (was Teba Bank Ltd effective 06/10/2010) No No
VBS Mutual Bank No No
HSBC Bank No No


Customers are advised to make use of iBank or forms at any Bank Windhoek branch to make payments to South African banks.  The Mobile App is currently not set up to action these payments.

Should you require any further guidance, customers are encouraged to call our Customer Contact Centre at +264 61 299-1200 or email

It is important to note that our service agents will only provide guidance on the relevant fields that need to be completed. Do not divulge passwords, usernames or any other personal details over the telephone. We anticipate that fraudsters may attempt to take advantage of the Bank Windhoek iBank enhancements. They will likely request customers to update personal information on a link in an email, via SMS or phone call.  The message can even be crafted in a manner that would seem to warn customers that failure to comply may result in Internet Banking service restrictions or suspension. Bank Windhoek urges customers to ignore such communication as the Bank will never request customers to share their personal details via an email or SMS or update account information via a link.

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