Discontinuation of Cross Border Payments

Namibian Industry Withdrawal from the CMA EFT Credit Payments and Debit Collections Interim Solution (BoN PSD-9 Directive)

Bank Windhoek hereby notifies its customers of the introduction of the Determination on the Conduct of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Transactions in the National Payment System (PSD-9). The development is known in the commercial banking sector as PSD-9 (Payment System Determination 9 of the Bank of Namibia). This Determination was published on 14 October 2022 and will come into effect on 16 September​​ 2024.

The purpose of PSD-9 is to provide for the conduct of EFT transactions in the National Payment System in accordance with local and international regulations that ensure the safety, security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of these transactions.


In accordance with PSD-9, South African Collectors/Entities will no longer be able to collect debit orders from their customers who have a Namibian account from 16 September 2024 as they did before, nor will Namibian Collectors/ Entities be able to collect debit orders from South African accounts. All collectors will be required to register as collectors in the respective countries subject to domestic debit order collection rules and regulations. In the alternative, collectors can request beneficiaries to honour their commitments by initiating credit payments from their side.

In the alternative:

  • The South African Collector/Entity can register with PAN as a collector and collect funds using the NamPay domestic debit order collection process.
  • Similarly Namibian collectors can register as a collector in South Africa subject to South African domestic rules and regulations.

Should you be a Namibian affiliate of a South African multinational company that collects Namibian debit orders via South Africa, please inform your Head Office of this Determination to implement alternative processes before 16​ September 2024.


According to PSD-9, all EFT Credit payments to South Africa must be treated as international cross-border payments going forwar​d and will be processed via the International Business Services Department, attracting a SWIFT fee. The processing times of these transactions will be equivalent to those of cross-border payments to South Africa for non-participating banks. By virtue of being regarded as cross-border payments, additional information will be required from both the sender and receiver to comply with cross-border payment rules and regulations.

Bank Windhoek customers who need to make payments to South African service providers can use the following payment options on the Bank Windhoek Internet Banking platform:

  • Initiate a credit payment on our iBank platform using the "Beneficiary Payment” or the Forex tab when payment is required by a service provider within the Common Monetary Area.
  • Load recurring payments as applicable on iBank.

Should you have any questions or uncertainty regarding the implementation of PSD-9, please contact our Electronic Channels Department at ibanksupport@bankwindhoek.com.na or by telephone at +264(0)61 299 0350

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