CellPhone Banking Frequently Asked Questions

What is CellPhone Banking?​

Bank Windhoek’s Cellphone Banking is a mobile banking service that can be linked with any personal savings and transaction account. This service gives you access to a range of convenient banking features such as the ability to make real time account payments to credit your DStv, GoTV or DStv Box Office instantly, MTC airtime or Electricity purchases, all from your mobile device using the short code *140*295#.

What features does Cellphone Banking have?

With Limited Access Cellphone Banking you can do the following:
  • View your account balances and request a Mini Statement (last 3 transactions)
  • Purchase MTC Prepaid Airtime

With the extra features of Full Access Cellphone Banking you can also:

  • Perform funds transfer to a Cell Number or a valid Bank Windhoek Account Number
  • Purchase prepaid MTC airtime, make payments to your MTC Postpaid number or purchase electricity at any time
  • Make monthly utility payments to a list of predefined third party beneficiaries (e.g. Multichoice, Telecom or City of Windhoek)
  • Register your own beneficiaries at your branch, or choose to make use of your iBank beneficiaries and pay for services rendered (e.g. plumber, car service, etc.)

How can I register for Cellphone Banking?

To register for limited access Cellphone Banking, please dial *140*295# and follow the message prompts.

To register for Full Access Cellphone Banking, please visit your nearest branch to complete an application form.

How can I access Cellphone Banking?

To access Cellphone Banking features to do banking, dial *140*295#.

How to purchase airtime via cellphone banking

To purchase airtime, you may use the​ following shortcodes:

  1. Bank Windhoek client: *140*295*3*3*1#
  2. EasyWallet client (no relation with Bank Windhoek): *140*295*3*3*1#
  3. Bank Windhoek client, but want to buy from EasyWallet account: *140*295*4*4*1#
  4. Contract numbers: *140*295*3*4#

How much do you charge for Cellphone Banking usage?

Cellphone banking has NO registration costs or monthly fees. A Standard Network Fee of N$1.00 is deducted from your airtime for every 3 minute session, by your cellphone network service provider, to access the full service.

I forgot my unique pin. How do I get a new PIN?

If you forget your Cellphone Banking pin, we encourage you to phone the Bank Windhoek Customer Contact Centre on 061 299 1200 or 083 299 1200 to request a PIN reset.

Can I use Cellphone Banking on any type of phone?

Yes, provided you have an MTC SIM card.

Can I access any of my accounts on Cellphone Banking?

You can access all personal savings and transactional accounts. There is no limit on the accounts that you want to link, provided it is a personal savings and transactional account.

How many beneficiaries can I add to my Cellphone Banking?

The amount of beneficiaries is unlimited. There is a ‘turn page’ option on the screen.

Can I use Cellphone Banking anywhere in Namibia?

Yes, provided that there is MTC network coverage.

Do my transfers have a limit?

Beneficiary and 3rd Party Transfers: N$2 000 daily and unlimited per month.

Is there a limit to the MTC airtime top ups?

Limited Access: N$50 daily and N$200 monthly.

Full Access: N$1 000 daily and N$1 000 monthly.

Can I use more than one Cellphone on my account?

For security reasons, your Cellphone Banking profile is limited to one cellphone number. ​

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