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I am an existing Mobile App user. Can I use my current credentials to log in to the new Bank Windhoek Mobile App?

No, the new Bank Windhoek Mobile Banking App requires you to download it from your App Store and then register as a user.

To register on the new Mobile App, ensure you have the following:

  • Your Bank Windhoek Account number
  • Your active bank card and PIN
  • Valid email address
  • Confirm with your branch that your mobile number is updated to the 26481 formats

I am already a Bank Windhoek Mobile App user. Why do I have to register on the new App again?

The new Bank Windhoek Mobile App is a new, improved banking App. It follows a new registration process which also requires a valid email address.

How do I access/download the App?

Download the new Bank Windhoek Mobile App from your App Store (Apple App Store/Google Play Store/Huawei App Gallery).

Is my device compatible?

The App is compatible with the following minimum versions:

How do I register?

Download and launch the App from your App Store. The on-screen prompts will appear as follows:

  • Enter your account number linked to an active bank card
  • Select the card you want to validate and input your card PIN
  • A SMS with an OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your account profile. The correct OTP should be captured to proceed. If you haven’t received an OTP, visit the nearest branch to update your mobile number.
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Create a password that meets the criteria
  • Capture the OTP from the email address
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Log in with your password
  • Enable/Disable biometrics (Fingerprint and Face), if your device supports biometrics.​

I am unable to register. What is the reason?

The following may be the reason for your registration challenge:

  • Error received after I captured my account number: No active card linked to the account number captured.
  • Username is already taken: You are already registered on the new App with your email address, therefore select the login option.
  • SMS OTP not received: Update your mobile number with your branch.

Can I use my business account to register for the App?

Sole proprietors can use the new Mobile App if they have an active card. Other types of businesses will not be able to register for the App.

Where do I find the main menu?

Click on the floating action button with the Bank Windhoek logo to access the main menu for the App. This would allow you to add new Private and Public Beneficiaries, access settings to enable/ disable biometrics afterwards, manage your Transaction limits and much more.

I don’t see my EasyWallet beneficiaries I loaded on my old App.

EasyWallet beneficiaries are not transferred to the new App.

We have made it quicker to send money with EasyWallet with the new Bank Windhoek App. There is no need to create a beneficiary first to send them money, because the App now syncronises with your phone book.

Why does my main transactional account not display first?

The accounts are displayed in order of the activity on the accounts. The account with the highest activity will display on top. As soon as you start transacting on your main transactional account, it will move to the top. Activity includes any financial transaction such as payments or transfers.

Why do I not see accounts which were on my old App?

Visit your nearest branch to request for the accounts to be viewed again.

Can I register for the new App if I don’t have an account with a card?

At the moment, you can only register for the App with a card and pin. If you do not have an account with a card linked, you will not be able to register on the new Mobile App.

Can I login to my profile on other devices?

Yes. You can log into the new Bank Windhoek Mobile App from any device using your original credentials.

Can I use biometrics to login?

Yes. Devices that support biometrics enables logging into the new Bank Windhoek Mobile App with fingerprint identification or facial recognition.

What happens if I change my mobile phone number?

If you have not registered yet, nothing will be affected. If you have already registered using your old number, please visit your nearest branch to update your mobile phone number.

The Bank Windhoek Mobile App is linked to the device on which it is installed. So if you change your handset, you will need to re-install the App and follow the login process. You can only register once on an account.

On how many different devices can I register the new Bank Windhoek Mobile App?

You can register up to 5 devices on your profile.

What should I do if I forget my password?

  • On the landing page of the new Bank Windhoek Mobile App, swipe up for the username, and password login option, where you will find the “forgot password” option.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to reset your password.
  • #Tip: Enable biometric login to remove the need for remembering a password.

How do I enable biometric login for the App?

During the registration process, the system will prompt you to enable biometric login. If you skipped this step, you can always go to the Settings function via the menu on your App and enable it.

Why isn’t biometric login working for me?Your smartphone version might not be compatible with biometric features.

The biometric login feature is available only on smartphones that support Biometric Authentication and/or Touch ID, such as Android devices running Android Version 8 or above and Apple devices running iOS 6.0 or above.

What happens if my phone is stolen? Will someone be able to access my accounts?

  • No, your sign-in details are required to access the App.
  • If your phone is stolen, contact us immediately to deregister your device.

What is the Switch Accounts icon for, and what does it do?

  • This is the Switch Accounts icon which you can select on the login page. The new Bank Windhoek App allows multiple profiles registrations on one device.
  • Selecting the Switch Accounts icon option will take you back to the registration process.
  • Follow this process again to register a new user profile. Alternatively, if you selected it by accident, choose the login option.

With the old App, I could only make payments up to N$10,000. Is this still the case?

Yes. The limit is set to N$ 10 000.00 for your safety due to the high number of fraud cases. We are busy investigating the possibility for you to adjust the limit yourselves. In the meantime, please visit your nearest branch to request for the limit to be adjusted.

Why do my cards load when I make a Once-off payment or load a beneficiary?

You need to authorise the payment/change you make by selecting a card and verifying with the card pin for security reasons.

Why do I only see account numbers listed, and not the names of my accounts?

You now have the ability to give accounts a name of your choosing. To change the name of an account, tap on the account, select Account Settings at the top of the screen, select the editing Pen on the right, and change it to your desired name.

Why do I get the message of “Unauthorised to view this account” when I want to open an account on my dashboard, but I could transact on this account on my old App?

The accounts which are not on your RIM will be displayed according to the relationship in Phoenix between your RIM and the account you want access to. The type of relationship determines the rights you have on the new App. See below the various types of relationships available that will determine the user rights applicable.

How do I share my banking details?

Tap on the Account, select Account Settings, Tap on the share icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and select your preferred method to share your banking details.

How can I resend a proof of payment?

Select the Menu option, select Beneficiaries, select the beneficiary you paid, select View Payment history, select the payment you would like to resend, capture the email, and resend the POP.

Why does my transaction account not display at the top of the dashboard and default when doing payments?

The account from which the most financial transactions are made, will be listed at the top.​​

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