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NSFAF Student Accounts and issuing of cards

Bank Windhoek has started on boarding students and issuing them with the brand new Bank Windhoek NSFAF Student Account cards at the UNAM and NUST campuses in Windhoek as well as at our Branches in Windhoek.

Kindly refer to the following FAQs. They answer any questions you may have regarding the Bank Windhoek NSFAF Student Account.​​​

Q: Which students are currently being on boarded and receiving their NSFAF Bank Windhoek Student Card?

A: Students who are currently being on boarded are those who have been beneficiaries of NSFAF prior to the 2019 academic year.

Q: Which students qualify to get their NSFAF Bank Windhoek Student Card?​​

A: Only current beneficiaries will be getting their NSFAF Bank Windhoek Student Cards during this phase of the rollout. Students who are beneficiaries from the beginning of the 2019 academic year will be informed via the NSFAF Office when they will have their accounts credited and where and when their cards can be collected. This part of the rollout is envisaged for September 2019. ​

Q: Where can students obtain their cards?

A: Cards are currently being issued in Windhoek only. Students can obtain their cards at any Bank Windhoek Branch in Windhoek or on the University of Science and Technology (NUST) campus in the foyer or at the University of Namibia campus (UNAM) in the foyer next to the cafeteria.

Q: How long will Bank Windhoek card issuing points be on campuses?

A: The Bank Windhoek card issuing stations will be on the NUST campus until 30 August and on the UNAM campus until 23 August 2019 from 08:30 in the mornings until 15:30 in the afternoons on weekdays.

After the stipulated dates, students can still get their cards from any Bank Windhoek Branch. Our Branch business hours are from 09:00 until 15:30 on weekdays.

Q: How long does it take for an account to be opened and your NSFAF Bank Windhoek Student Card transactional account cards to be issued?

A: This process takes about 20 minutes per student. Please ensure that you have completed the mandatory online application on the NSFAF website before collecting your card and that you have your Namibian identity document with you.  

Q: When will students outside of Windhoek be able to collect their cards?

A: The dates and times at which students studying outside of Windhoek will be on-boarded will be communicated via the NSFAF Office.

Q: Can I use my card immediately?

A: Cards that are being issued to students currently have a zero balance until NSFAF deposits are done. Your account, however, is activated and money can be deposited into your account.

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