Agra Weaner Championship Series concludes

On Thursday, 28 October 2021, the annual Agra Weaner Championship Series crowned Andre Compion as this year's National Champion. He made history as the first-time Champion for heifer production. This year, there were 15 weaner auctions held between July and September across most of the cattle-producing areas of Namibia.

Agra said the annual Weaner Championship Series allows it to reward individuals for their weaner production excellence and stimulate cash flow in the cattle industry. "The Series is positioned to provide an opportunity for producers to measure how they compare to their peers and areas of improvement in terms of farming practices," said Agra.

This year, 9 027 weaner calves were sold on auction, compared to 8 422 in 2020. When comparing average prices, producers earned N$ 7 567.02 per head during the 2021 Series, while 2020's average price was N$ 6 655.86. On average, a farmer selling a lot of 12 tollie calves at this year's Weaner Championship Series would have earned N$ 10 420 more than the previous year. When comparing tollies and heifers, the average tollie price during this season was N$ 7 752.08, compared to the N$ 7 134.72 average for heifers.

Representing Bank Windhoek as the primary sponsor, the Executive Officer for Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack, said the Bank had been a proud sponsor of the annual weaner auction since 2009 in partnership with Agra. “We will always support the livestock producer's industry. As a 100 percent Namibian commercial bank, we understand the importance of building a robust agricultural sector in aid of national food security," she said.

Pack added that the Bank's relationship with the farming community is based on understanding their needs and supporting the activities of the farming sector. “To this end, Bank Windhoek offers an array of agriculture-specific products and solutions to cater to the specific needs of the farming community. We believe in building sustainable relationships with our customers," said Pack.

She mentioned that the Bank supports various projects in the farming sector. They include the cattle judging competition for the youth segment, agricultural shows, genetic auctions, and most recently partnering with the organisers of the Schumacher Bonsmara auction.

Pack thanked all the farmers for their hard work and achievements and urged them to continue farming to inspire the upcoming farmers. She concluded by acknowledging Agra and appreciated all the sponsor's efforts. “It is only through a combined force such as this that we can truly make an impact and be connectors of positive change."

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