Bank Windhoek Appoints Sabatha as its Head of Brand Marketing

Bank Windhoek Appoints Sabatha as its Head of Brand Marketing

On Wednesday, 22 November 2023, Bank Windhoek’s Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack, announced the appointment of Otilie Sabatha as Bank Windhoek’s Head of Brand Marketing, effective 1 October 2023. “Sabatha is a quality-oriented brand and strategy professional with vast experience in brand marketing,” said Pack.

As Bank Windhoek’s Head of Brand Marketing, Sabatha will oversee, maintain and manage the Bank's brand reputation by leading a team of brand and media experts to control the Brand Marketing function, which includes managing products and services, marketing strategies, brand visibility, client service, project, supplier, budget and stakeholder engagement. “The position will also require Sabatha to develop and implement long-term sustainable brand strategies that drive business growth and create and maintain brand-consumer relationships and marketing brand attributes,” she said.

Sabatha’s Bank Windhoek journey started in 2012, when she was 19 years old, and joined the Bank’s Ondangwa Branch as the Branch Manager's Personal Assistant. In 2016, she joined the Bank’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Service department as a Brand Practitioner and later took on senior positions. In 2022, she acted as Bank Windhoek’s Head of Brand Marketing, a position she held until her recent appointment.

Sabatha’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in marketing, which she obtained from the University of Science and Technology. She also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the Harold Pupkewitz School of Business. “The combination of these two academic achievements has equipped her with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to excel in her professional career,” said Pack.

“Sabatha has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and zeal, significantly contributing to our brand development efforts. We are confident that her leadership will continue to drive our brand strategies to new heights. We wish her the best,” said Pack.



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