Bank Windhoek Launches Arts Developmental Choral Festival

Bank Windhoek Hosts the Choral Celebration at Windhoek High School

In its continued support of the development of the arts and culture in Namibia, Bank Windhoek will host the Bank Windhoek Choral Celebration on Friday, 29 September, and Saturday, 30 September 2023, from 18:30 at the Windhoek High School Hall. The choral event, which comes after a hiatus of community choral performances post-COVID, comprises three invited choirs: two from Windhoek, the /Ae //Gams Vocal Ensemble and Collective Singers, and one from Walvis Bay, King’s Choir. 

The participating choirs are currently busy with rehearsals, which include works by contemporary composers Elaine Hagenburg, Jennifer McMillan, Moses Hogan, and Mary McDonald. The choirs will also perform compositions by Namibian composers Cedric Howoseb, Ponti Dikuua and Theo Cookson. 

Bank Windhoek’s Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack, said that the Choral Celebration underscores the Bank’s unwavering commitment to supporting the arts industry, further cementing its role as a dedicated patron of creativity and cultural expression in our country. “Bank Windhoek has a long-standing tradition of supporting the arts in Namibia. Through various initiatives, sponsorships, and partnerships, the Bank has consistently championed local artists, musicians, and cultural events,” she said. 

The Bank’s Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorships, Bronwyn Moody, added that this year, the Bank included an emphasis on choral music because it wants to showcase the vocal quality and technical expertise required for many voices singing in different parts to harmonise and produce beautiful pieces of choral music. “We encourage all Namibian choral teams and organisations to attend these musical celebrations,” said Moody.

The Bank Windhoek Choral Celebration comprises more than two public performances. Choirs and conductors alike will be put through their paces during a Mass Choir Workshop on Saturday morning, 30 September, where the conductors will take turns rehearsing and conducting the mass choir, comprising more than 80 voices from the three invited choirs. The mass choir, in turn, will learn to take direction from the three different conductors. “This is an example of our ongoing commitment to nurturing artistic talent and enriching the lives of Namibians through initiatives such as these, enabling collaborations, “said Pack. “It furthermore requires discipline from choir members, trust from the conductors, and hard work from both to achieve an enjoyable performance for audiences and performers alike,” she concluded.

The Bank Windhoek Choral Celebration is set to become an annual event on the Bank’s sponsorship calendar, where different choirs will be invited to showcase their talent. Attendance at the event is free of charge. However, attendees are encouraged to book in advance via the following email address: The deadline to register attendance is Thursday, 28 September 2023.


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