Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Group induct new staff

Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Group officially welcomed 27 new employees on Tuesday, 11 February 2020, at a two-day New Employee Orientation Programme held at Bank Windhoek's People Development Department in Windhoek. The event lasted until Wednesday, 12 February 2020.

During the Employee Orientation Programme, the new employees introduced themselves and elaborated on why they joined Bank Windhoek and the Group. Bank Windhoek's Acting People Development Manager, Hillmar Blom, presented the new employees to the Executive Management Team members, namely: Bank Windhoek's Chief Financial Officer, James Chapman, Group Executive of Brand and Corporate Affairs, Marlize Horn and Bank Windhoek's Chief Operating Officer, Franco Pretorius.

Elaborating on the Bank's strategy, Chapman spoke to the new staff members and emphasised the importance of generating new ideas that can contribute to the growth of the Bank. "I would like to encourage all of you to think differently, by coming up with new ideas that can add value to the business," he said. "When you come to work, come to make a positive difference because that is how we can move forward."

Horn explained the profile, structure, vision, and purpose, highlighted the growth of the Group over the past three years, and presented a brief overview of the Group's financial performance. She also told the new employees how they could explore a lot more opportunities within the Group. "We have a vast area of personal growth opportunities that you can explore within the Group," said Horn.

The new staff members, who come with valuable experience from finance, banking, and auditing firms, will be performing duties in Retail Banking Services, Support Services, Legal, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing and Communication, Internal Audit and Asset management.

The New Employee Orientation Programme aims to welcome new employees into the organisation and prepares them for their new role. The process covers the employer and employee rights and the terms and conditions of employment. The next gathering is scheduled for April 2020.

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