Bank Windhoek and Pupkewitz Haval host an outdoor motor show

Bank Windhoek and Pupkewitz Haval host an outdoor motor show

IJG Namibia’s 2023 vehicle sales reports indicate that passenger and commercial vehicle segments have been recording positive year-on-year growth for ten consecutive months, with rising interest rates seemingly doing little to dampen demand.

To further assist the motoring industry’s drive to bring vehicles to customers, Bank Windhoek’s Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) Branch, in collaboration with Pupkewitz Haval, recently hosted a mini outdoor motor show in Windhoek. VAF's Manager of Corporate and Commercial Business, Riaan Gouws, said the initiative aimed to create awareness and strengthen relationships with the Pupkewitz Haval brand in bringing services out of the motor dealerships showrooms into the outdoors to customers.

“This is an icebreaker, and we will continue to do this with other motoring dealerships and, in the process, come up with better deals with the customer in mind in this challenging economy,” said Gouws. Bank Windhoek staff member, Winnie Iipinge, a Haval Jolion owner, commended the Bank for the initiative since she is on the journey to upgrade from a Jolion. She said it was great to have the product brought to their offices for display.

Pupkewitz Haval showcased top-of-the-range vehicles such as the H6 GT and the Haval Jolion HEV. Haval is a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, specialising in Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and crossovers. The brand claims to be one of the largest SUV brands in the world, though the bulk of its volume is focused on the Chinese market, where it was established in 2013.

Pupkewitz Haval thanked Bank Windhoek for the support and encouraged the Bank to keep up its good relationships, top-of-the-range customer service and quick turnaround time for vehicle sales. Gouws added that these outdoor showrooms with various vehicle dealerships would continue. 


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