Bank Windhoek appoints a new Rundu Branch Manager

Bank Windhoek is pleased to announce the appointment of Beatrix Atkinson as the Bank’s new Rundu Branch Manager effective Friday, 1 February 2019. Atkinson first joined Bank Windhoek’s Rundu Branch as a Collateral Clerk in 2005 after which where she was promoted to the position of Senior Credit Clerk. She continued to progress through the ranks and was eventually appointed as Rundu Branch’s Credit Manager in 2014. Atkinson has completed several advanced bank related training courses before being appointed Branch Manager. Bank Windhoek’s Executive Officer of Retail Banking Services, Chris Matthee, welcomed and congratulated Atkinson. “Bank Windhoek is proud of its new Rundu Branch Manager. Atkinson’s growth at the Bank indicates that continued professional development pays off. I would like to congratulate Atkinson on her appointment and trust that she will continue to deliver excellent results,” said Matthee.

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