Bank Windhoek encourages vigilance in times of rising financial crime

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reverberated throughout our society and has increased the pressure on individuals and businesses. This is mainly as a result of the global and local economic downturn and disruption caused by the pandemic.

In recent media reports, clear evidence of this is the robbery that has occurred in the proximity of the Bank Windhoek branch in Oshikango, in the Ohangwena Region. This incident involved armed robbers and a premeditated attack.

Bank Windhoek would like to caution the public to stay alert as there is a general increase of fraud and criminal activity across the country. Creating a safe working and banking environment for our employees and customers, remains our main priority. We have thus responded with immediate effect, and implemented heightened security measures countrywide. 

To ensure that you, our valued customers, remain vigilant and well informed in these times, we will continue with our fraud awareness campaigns. Should you suspect that you may be a victim to fraud and/or be targeted for a robbery, or should you have received calls from fraudsters, urgently contact your branch immediately or Bank Windhoek's Customer Contact Centre on (061) 299 1200. 

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