Bank Windhoek hosts first northern vehicle dealerships awards

On Thursday, 8 April 2021, Bank Windhoek awarded salespeople and dealerships in the motor vehicle industry at its first Northern Selekt Sales Awards ceremony hosted in Oshakati.

Ongwediva Indongo Toyota's Nikanoor Shindombo won the best Salesperson Category, while Indongo Ford Ongwediva's, Anton Kandjimi, was announced as the second-best Salesperson. The Best Dealership Category saw Indongo Toyota Ongwediva receive the top honour, with Pupkewitz Toyota Oshakati and Indongo Ford Ongwediva walking away as the second and third prize winners.

Bank Windhoek's Executive Officer of Retail Banking Services and Specialist Finance, James Chapman, commended the northern motor vehicle's industry resilience and resolve despite a challenging economic environment. He also added that the first Northern Selekt Sales Awards ceremony signifies the Bank's commitment to investing in the northern motor vehicle industry to meet customers' needs and support the Namibian economy.

“As a wholly-owned Namibian bank, we see ourselves as a partner for growth, supporting the Namibian economy. Bank Windhoek will continue supporting you to make the success of the northern vehicle industry," said Chapman. "Thank you for your loyalty, and let us continue exploring opportunities in the north to take the northern motor vehicle industry to greater heights."

Strengthening relationships

Asked how he navigated a challenging 2020, impacted by COVID-19, Shindombo shared that he remained upbeat despite the challenges. “Whatever the situation might be, I did not divert from our direction and mission of assisting our customers 100 percent," said Shindombo, who shared that he will continue to improve and add more value to his profession. 

The Dealer Principal at Indongo Toyota Ongwediva, Taati Kamule, said that his team was positive throughout the year to overcome the challenges experienced in the current economic environment. "We pulled together and made the best of the situation," he said. “We made the customers feel comfortable and welcomed them into our dealerships, which significantly contributed to us winning the first prize," said Kamule.

The Dealership Principal for Pupkewitz Toyota Oshakati, Walter Perestrelo, said: “Taking COVID-19 into account and the global economy's downturn, we had to go out and do the unconventional, by looking for customers and building new relationships, focusing on customer-centricity," he said.

The northern motor vehicle dealers believed that Bank Windhoek's relationship-driven culture worked well for the industry. They shared that they are delighted to do business with Bank Windhoek and encouraged the Bank to continue providing the best customer service and assistance as a relationship-driven bank. 

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