Bank Windhoek introduces 'Olupale' Legacy Discussion

Bank Windhoek understands that when one reaches a certain level in life, they are faced with a more profound desire to leave behind a positive legacy that will inspire others. This was said by Bank Windhoek's Head of Brand Marketing, Carmen-Rae Bridgens, at the Bank's first Olupale Legacy Discussion, presented by Bank Windhoek's Selekt Platinum on Tuesday, 26 April 2022, in Windhoek.

Olupale – is an Oshiwambo name for a central place in a homestead, where people gather to share stories, impart wisdom, and receive and host guests. “That is why we saw it fit to create the Olupale Legacy Discussion. It creates a platform for 'like-minded' individuals to network, share insights, and form sustainable opportunities," said Bridgens.

Moderated by Bank Windhoek's National Operations Manager, David Nell, the event featured Helao Mwapangasha, Austin-John Robberts, Fenni Nghikevali, and Roux-Che Locke. Mwapangasha is an Information Technology specialist, father, husband, and farming enthusiast. Robberts is a banking and retirement fund professional who strives to impact society positively. He spoke about self-awareness, the impact of global events, and how it trickles down to impact an individual's life.

Nghikevali is a mother, wife, and chartered accountant who aspires to enjoy life and create a legacy for her children. She focused on the importance of establishing and maintaining an estate, financially and personally. Roux-Che Locke is a mother, wife, career woman, self-love champion, and legendary presenter in the Namibian sphere. As a collective, the quartet focused on how self-actualised individuals manage their legacy in family, community, society, and global.

Selekt Platinum is a personalised offering created to give Bank Windhoek customers the tools to grow their wealth and secure the future. "It was crafted to add value to accomplished Namibians who want to leave their mark in life and have a healthy respect for their 'future self'. Namibians who strive towards personal and business success and who plan meticulously to achieve it," said Bridgens.

Echoed by the audiences in attendance, Nell concluded the discussions by thanking the panellists for their contributions to the debate. Bank Windhoek's first Selekt Platinum Olupale Legacy Discussion's full airing will be available on the Bank's YouTube and Facebook social media platforms soon.

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