Bank Windhoek introduces online application tool with revamped website

Ongame Mutorwa Digital and Social Media Manager for Bank Windhoek

Bank Windhoek has revamped its website. The redesigned website offers users quick and easy access to essential information and includes features that offer a more comprehensive understanding of the Bank's products and services. 

“As a consumer driven organisation, our efforts are aligned to the needs of our clients and the revamping of our website not only speaks to our strategy, but enables us to serve our customers, investors, partners, stakeholders and media better," said Bank Windhoek's Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack.

“For the first time we are excited that our clients can apply online for products in the comfort of their home and not having to visit a branch," said Pack.

Apart from the Online Application feature, Bank Windhoek's new website also boasts:

  • Being able to find a Bank Windhoek Branch/ATM using Google Maps. This feature also offers information about any branch's name, contact number, code and SWIFT code.
  • Loans and Investment Calculators, allowing users to work out monthly repayments, interests on savings or compound interest on investments.
  • Personal, Business and Corporate and Institutional Banking sections providing a clear representation of the Bank's business segments.

Bank Windhoek's new website has a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality, navigates customers through relevant content and empowers them to make informed financial decisions and advance their financial success.

“We are in an era where digital transformation is at the centre of business efficiency. As a result, Bank Windhoek's website has been revamped with the view of strengthening its commitment to operational excellence and improving service delivery," says Ongame Mutorwa, Digital and Social Media Manager at Bank Windhoek.

The development of the website supports Bank Windhoek's strategic objective of Channel Evolution, which aims at transforming and enhancing touch points into a seamless customer experience. “As a customer-centric financial institution, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our approach. The website's revamp is one such opportunity," concluded Pack. ​


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