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Bank Windhoek rewards northern estate agents

On Thursday, 29 August 2019, Bank Windhoek's Annual Northern Estate Agents Awards ceremony capped Eveline Paulus, Roswitha Haingura and Helena Amunyela, as the top three northern estate agents at a glittering event hosted in Oshakati.

The trio achieved the recognitions for submitting loan business to Bank Windhoek ranging between N$5 million to N$25 million and above.

Paulus, who won gold, is the owner of Eveline Properties, while Haingura who walked away with the silver award, owns Haingura Real Estate. The bronze medallist, Amunyela, is the owner of FE Real Estate.

“My relationship with Bank Windhoek resembles a home. It is a partner that I can comfortably lean on in good and bad times. The bank has been very supportive and the service it provides is of the highest quality," said Paulus.

Haingura praised Bank Windhoek and said that the bank is a professional financial institution that she is proud to be associated with it. Amunyela said that she is an estate agent because the profession is about not only selling properties, but also offering security and comfort to an individual and families. “Together with Bank Windhoek, we can change people's lives for the better, by striving to help them achieve their dreams of owning a home," said Amunyela.

Bank Windhoek's Annual Estate Agent Awards offers recognition to residential and commercial estate agents, agencies and developers, from the northern, central and coastal regions, for their commitment, loyalty and support to Bank Windhoek and its customers.

Bank Windhoek's executive officer for marketing and corporate communication services, Jacquiline Pack, congratulated the estates agents and informed them that they can count on Bank Windhoek as their trusted partner through their business journey. “Bank Windhoek is proud to be associated with you all and the work you do in northern Namibia. The bank will continue to remain your business partner for growth for many more years to come," she said.

Bank Windhoek's Annual Northern Estate Agents Awards, concluded with a surprise performance by Gazza, a multi-award winning Namibian musician. Gazza recently pulled off a spectacular show in celebration of his achievement of being the first Namibian musician to reach one million views on YouTube for his hit song 'Chelete. The estates agents thanked Bank Windhoek for the gesture.

Below is the full list of winners:

Submitting loan business of up to N$ 10 million and above:

  • Naatye NNP Kanandjembo – Kanandjembo Lidker Estates CC (second place)
  • Esther Nghidinwa – Northern Real Estate CC (third place)

Submitting loan business of up to N$ 5 million and above:

  • Selma Iithete- Tuyeni Real Estates CC
  • Amalia Schmidt- Makalani Real Estates CC
  • Kristofina Kandombo – Natango Real Estate
  • Menethe Nikodemus from Nicodemus Real Estate​

Submitting loan business of up to N$ 4.9 million:

  • Sakeus Ethete - Ayeshe Real Estate and Property Development
  • Ndaindila Shikongo - Ndina Real Estate CC
  • Taimi Antonio - T Antonio Real Estate
  • Johanna Shiyura - Joenno Realtors CC
  • Christophine Shoopala from Shafa Real Estate CC
  • Tuwilika Kayofa - Nicky Real Estate CC
  • Simeon Lita - Hippo Real Estate CC
  • Mirjam Nuule - Esteem Sales and Letting Properties CC
  • Ritha M Siteketa - Rundu Real Estate and Property CC
  • Hilya Iipinge - HN Real Estates CC
  • Kaino Shakumu - Ediva Real Estates CC


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