Bank Windhoek supports EAN

Bank Windhoek announced that it is to again support the Economic Association of Namibia (EAN) in the maintenance and development of its institutional capacity to effectively manage its current and future projects.

“Most funding received by the EAN is directed towards specific projects, while little funding is available for institutional support to administer these activities. Despite the lean cost structure of the Association, we face continuous challenges with regards to operational expenses. It is against this background that EAN approached Bank Windhoek for assistance," said EAN's Chairperson, Rowland Brown.

Bank Windhoek's support will be spent on core functions that are vital for the EAN to run productively but are not covered by event and activity funding. This includes but not limited to: office rental and administration, statutory costs and skills development.

“Bank Windhoek has supported EAN since its inception and has been the largest contributor to date. It is great to see that a wholly-owned Namibian financial institution believes in what we do. This sponsorship will in the end help to develop and fine tune local discourse on critical socioeconomic topics, ultimately in an effort to promote economic development and improve the lives of Namibian people," said Brown.

The EAN is a Namibian not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), which has a number of objectives, from policy input and development, to public awareness and education, to academic research and mentoring.

The EAN has played an important role in bringing together public, quasi-public and private sector players to discuss issues of critical importance for the Namibian economy and the Namibian people, as well as playing a key role in policy development in Namibia over the past five years. 

“We believe in the work of EAN since its inception and consider them as partners in contributing to Namibia's economic development. This is one of the ways in which Bank Windhoek contributes to the communities in which we operate," said Bank Windhoek's Head of Corporate Affairs, Hayley Allen.​

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