Bank Windhoek supports a coastal Covid-19 Task Force

On Monday, 9 August 2021, Bank Windhoek announced that it had assisted Ciske's Covid-19 Task Force in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in the Erongo Region. 

Ciske's Task Force is an initiative by the Erongo Regional Council Chairperson, Ciske Howard. The Task Force comprises doctors and nurses who volunteer their services in Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, and Henties Bay. 

Howard thanked the Bank for the sponsorship and said that the Task Force would use the money to purchase food items for community members impacted by the pandemic. “Swakopmund residents have suffered severely with not just Covid-19 challenges, but also the lockdowns and lack of tourists," said Howard. She added that in her capacity as a Swakopmund Constituency Councillor, she felt that it is her responsibility to see to it that community members receive help during these challenging times. “Bank Windhoek's sponsorship makes a massive difference, and we are grateful," said Howard.

The Bank's Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack, said that the donation is part of its continued social responsibility as a connector of positive change. “We have all been challenged by the pandemic. To fight it, we need to be resilient, positive, and support each other as a Nation; it is the only way to win this battle," she said. “We wish Ciske's Task Force and all Namibians the best in fighting the pandemic."

Ciske's Task Force also prepares Covid-19 patients' meals and procures medical equipment to assist home-based care. It is currently only catering to the Erongo Region. However, Howard added that plans are in place to extend support to other parts of the country.  

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