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Bank Windhoek welcomes nine graduate trainees

On Thursday, 12 August 2021, Bank Windhoek's Graduate Development Programme (GDP) welcomed nine inductees. Launched in 2020, the Bank's GDP offers graduates an 18 months on-the-job-training opportunity in preparation for permanent employment. With inclusivity and diversity as the main central themes, the Programme recruits graduates from diverse backgrounds, including those living with disabilities.

The Bank's Executive Officer of Human Capital, Retuura Ballotti, said that the primary purpose of the Programme is to develop the graduates, involve them in projects relevant to their assigned departments, and potentially place them in a permanent role at the Bank in the future.

During the selection process, the final group of graduates was subjected to a rigorous recruitment process. They were selected from over 3 000 applicants, including those from the Bank's recruitment system and those provided by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation. “After screening and vetting their qualifications, the applicants went through intense psychometric assessments. Fifteen finalists were then put through a day of physical team tasks with a select panel of managers and leaders before the final nine were selected," said Ballotti. The following are the nine Graduate Trainees with the placements and qualifications:

Aina Shangheta

  • Department: Marketing and Corporate Communication Services. 
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management. 

Johannes Tjitumba

  • Department: Chief Operating Office. 
  • Qualification: an Advanced Diploma in Retail and Marketing Management.

Heather Maletzky

  • Department: Corporate and Institutional Banking.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Economics.

Emile Platt

  • Department: Business Banking.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce in Economic Sciences with International Trade.

Liina Angula

  • Department: Human Resources.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Statistics (Honours).

Owen Muyendekwa

  • Department: Bancassurance.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Accounting (CA Stream) degree.

Joachim Komeheke

  • Department: Treasury.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology/Geology (Honours) and a Master's Degree in Integrated Water Resources Management.

Penny Heelu

  • Department: Finance and Procurement.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and an Honours in Applied Statistics.

Gervian Du Preez

  • Department: Capricorn Private Wealth.
  • Qualification: Masters of Science in Business Mathematics and Informatics.​

Ballotti welcomed the graduates and said the Bank is confident that they will add significant value to their respective placement departments. The nine graduates said they are all grateful for the opportunity and will make the best of it as they learn and grow during the next 18 months. 

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