CFC and SKW dominate Fistball Playoffs

CFC and SKW dominate Fistball Playoffs

Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) defended the National A League title while Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW 2) won the cup in the National B League in the Bank Windhoek fistball playoffs, which took place over the weekend at SKW in Windhoek. SKW A also won the Under 18 championship for the second time. SKW B won in the Under 11 category ahead of SKW A. In the Under 14 youth category, SKW B was victorious against SKW A and SKW C. 

 In the National A League, all teams played against each other in a round-robin. CFC 1 won against CFC 2 and Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC 1) with three points each. In the duel against SKW 1, the defending champion got off to an embarrassing start and fell behind 8:0 before the first point could be won. SKW 1 had more problems with the CFC 1 attack in the second half. Ultimately, the match ended in a draw. SKW narrowly won against SFC 1 and CFC 2. 

 In the National A League semi-final, CFC 1 beat their club mates, CFC 2, 3:1. SKW 1 also defeated SFC 1 3:1 in the second semi-final. 

 SKW 1 initially took the lead in the final by winning the first set. In the second round, CFC 1 played with fewer mistakes in their own game and could, therefore, equalise. In the third set, the SKW 1 crushed the record champions. It was a tighter affair in the fourth set again, but CFC 1 took home the victory and celebrated their sixth league title since 2016. 

 In the National B League, SKW 2 remained in first place on the log after two wins against SKW 4 and SFC 2. SFC 3 secured fourth place with wins against CFC 3 and SKW 5, a draw against SKW 3, and qualified for the semi-final against SKW 2.  

 SKW 2 won confidently 3:0 in the semi-finals. SKW 4 prevailed against SFC 2 to set up an SKW-all final. In an exciting and combative game, SKW 2 ultimately won 3:1. 

SKW A easily reached the Under 18 final against SKW C. SFC A qualified for the final after the guests beat SKW B 2:0. SKW A won against SFC A 2:0 in the final after the SFC youth could not cope with the powerful hits on the baseline from SKW attacker Kiano Böhme. 

 Isabel von Wietersheim was named Youth Player of the Day. Tamara Grögli and Kiano Böhme from SKW 4 and 2 shared the Player of the Day trophy. 

 The Bank Windhoek national tournament will take place on Saturday, 4 November 2023, at CFC’s fistball grounds in Windhoek. 


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