Career Starter Week can unlock the path to professional success - Yeboah

Liechtenstein-based LGT Bank, B360 Education Partnership and Bank Windhoek professionals jointly facilitating the Career Starter

B360 Education Partnerships, a non-profit Swiss organisation, has organised volunteer expert assignments at universities in Southern Africa and internships at companies in Switzerland for over a decade. One of their offerings is a Career Starter Week which, for the first time, is being done in partnership with Bank Windhoek to jump-start graduates' professional and potential entrepreneurial careers. 

“In today's competitive job market, starting a successful career can be a daunting task for many graduates, making a Career Starter Week an invaluable opportunity to equip aspiring professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to navigate the initial stages of their career. This week-long event holds excellent relevance in empowering individuals,” said Bank Windhoek’s Acting Manager: Talent Acquisition and Optimisation, Agnes Yeboah.

Asked why the Bank partnered with the B360 Career Starter Week, Yeboah said the platform focuses on providing participants with essential skills required in the professional world and aligns with Bank Windhoek’s social purpose of investing in the communities in which it operates. “There are an estimated 84 000 unemployed graduates in Namibia. Therefore, empowering graduates to position themselves for employment and giving them the skills to be self-employed reduces the pressure on an already exacerbated job market,” she said. 

Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, attendees gain expertise in writing their Curriculum Vitae (CV), interview techniques, effective communication, and personal branding. Yeboah emphasised that the comprehensive training allows participants to effectively showcase their abilities and stand out in the job market. By honing their skills participants gain confidence, increase their employability, and enhance their chances of securing meaningful employment opportunities.

The Career Starter Week, which kicked off on Monday, 26 June, is currently busy with its second intake which started on Monday, 3 July until Friday, 7 July 2023 in Windhoek. Professionals from the Liechtenstein-based LGT Bank, a partner company of the B360 Education Partnership which supports the B360 Southbound Programme and Bank Windhoek professionals jointly facilitate sessions and give real-life insights, experiences, and career advice and curated content. Yeboah added that this exposure enables participants to broaden their professional network, establish valuable connections, open doors to internships, entry-level positions, or mentorship programmes, and access helpful resources, job leads, and potential long-term career opportunities.

Yeboah concluded that Bank Windhoek and B360 and its partner companies hope to offer these empowering sessions regularly because there is a great need, as demonstrated by the hundreds of registrations when the Bank called for entries. “In today's rapidly changing professional landscape, Career Starter Weeks is crucial in empowering individuals to kick-start their careers by equipping aspiring professionals with the tools they need to thrive,” she said.


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