Cohen Fistball Club Continues to Dominate Namibian Fistball

Bank Windhoek Fistball Tournament Results

On Saturday, 17 September 2023, the fourth Bank Windhoek Fistball League match day took place at the Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) in the Coast. In the National A League, the reigning league champions, Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1), dominated the proceedings and secured first place in the group, while Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW 2) also defended its lead in the National B League. Despite the defeat against SFC A, SKW A also remains in the lead in the Under 18 category.

With a flawless record of three 3 to 0 wins, the reigning champions CFC 1 underlined their title ambitions in the National A League. The preliminary round for SKW, also known as the Green-Whites, ends with the maximum point yield of 36 points after four match days. The day's most exciting game was between SKW 1 and SFC 1. After SFC 1 took the lead, SKW 1 turned the game around and led 2 to 1. In the middle of the fourth set, defender Hanjo Lorck from SFC 1 was injured and had to be substituted. Since SFC only had four players, everything looked like a victory for the Green-Whites. The young team fought even harder so that they managed to equalize the set. Impressively, the team from the coast also won the fifth set and celebrated their first win against SKW 1 in the league in more than two decades. SFC 1 also remained successful against CFC 2, who also lost 3-0 against SKW 1 and could not take home any points. 

In the National B League, SKW 2 solidified their first place in the table. With six wins from six games, the Green-Whites were unbeatable. SFC 2 moved to the second spot in the table after only bowing to SKW 2. SKW 4, on the other hand, slipped to third place but was still able to qualify for the semi-finals, taking place in five weeks. SFC 3 lost four of their six games and is now level on points with CFC 3, who lost three matches. SKW 3 was only allowed once to leave the field as the winner, while SKW 5 was gifted with two bonus points. SKW 5 no longer has a chance of participating in the semi-finals. CFC 3 and SFC 3 have the best starting position, while SKW 3 still have a slim chance of reaching the semi-finals.

In the Under 18 category, SFC A was able to use its home turf advantage for the first time and defeated SKW A. With second place in the table, the SFC team will face SKW 2 in five weeks. SKW A is first in the table and plays against SKW 3.

Next on the Bank Windhoek Fistball League calendar is the National Playoffs scheduled at SKW on Saturday, 21 October 2023, in Windhoek.


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