Cohen maintains fistball dominance

Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) retained the Category A title while Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC 1) defended the Category B trophy in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League's opening tournament played over the weekend in Swakopmund. 

CFC 1 prevailed in the preliminary round against every opponent they faced with favourable weather conditions. Backed up by home turf advantage, SFC 1 had the upper hand against Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) 2, SKW 4, and CFC 3. In the last fixtures in the group, CFC 3 defeated SKW teams and finished third in the group. SKW 1 won Group B, with CFC2, SFC 2, and SKW 3 completing the final placements.

CFC 1 and their club mates CFC 2 duelled in the Category A semi-finals. CFC 1 qualified for the final without any challenges. It was an exciting affair in the semi-finals between SKW 1 and SFC 1 as the lead kept changing during the encounter. In the end, SKW 1 won the match with a three-point lead.

CFC 3 convincingly sailed through to the final in the Category B semi-final by eliminating SKW 3. SFC 2 followed CFC 3 into the final after defeating SKW 2.

Participating clubs offered an exciting Category B final to the spectators. SFC 2 won the first set while CFC 3 secured two sets. Everything looked like a tournament win for CFC 3 in the fourth set before SFC 2 turned the tables around, won the fourth and fifth set, and defended the Category B accolade.

Third place in Category A went to CFC 2, who were strengthened by the Danish national player Thore Naujeck as a setter.

The final of Category A started evenly. After precise serves from Michael Baas, in the first selection, SKW had to accept a 9:11 defeat. In the second and third sets, CFC 1 got going as they increased the tempo. SKW 1, on the other hand, found no resistance against the strong Cohen side and lost these sets with 6:11 and 3:11. CFC 1 hence got revenge and was crowned the winner of the opening tournament.

The tournament's junior Category saw six teams as participants. SKW 2 defeated SFC 2 in the final and were crowned champions. The third and sixth spots went to SFC 3, SKW 3, SFC 1, and SKW 1, respectively.

In the adult category, Olaf Beiter from SKW 1 was named player of the day. Leila Grögli from SKW was named player of the day in the youth category. Next on the fistball calendar is the Bank Windhoek Fistball League first round on Saturday, 5 March 2022, at SKW in Windhoek.​

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