Cohen wins its fourth consecutive fistball National Tourney

Boosted by home turf advantage, Cohen Fistball Club (CFC) won the Bank Windhoek National Fistball Tournament held over the weekend in Windhoek. CFC 1 and its club mates CFC 2 won categories A and B. The result sees Cohen win its fourth successive National Cup in a row.

During the group stages, CFC 1 overpowered CFC 2, Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) 2, and Team 2011 to finish top of the group. Team 2011 took up the second spot and qualified for the Category A semi-finals. CFC 2 and SKW 2 drew in their Category A encounter, but the better points ratio secured the third spot for CFC 2 while SKW 2 had to settle for the fourth spot.

In Group B, SKW 1 left nothing to chance and moved into the Category A semi-finals as group winners, followed by SFC 1. CFC 3 and SFC 2 finished third and fourth, respectively.

In the Category A semi-finals between SKW 1 and Team 2011, the latter triumphed against SKW 1 to secure a spot in the final. CFC 1 was also very close to being defeated in a nail-biting semi-final against a sturdy SFC 1 side. With the final score of 19:18, CFC 1 managed to advance into the final.

In the semi-finals of Category B, CFC 3 lost to SKW 2 while CFC 2 prevailed against SFC 2. The finals in the same Category saw CFC 2 defeat SKW 2 with a 3-0 set win to secure the Category B title.

In the final of Category A between CFC 1 and Team 2011, the selection from 10 years ago started brilliantly and earned a five-point cushion. After a tactical change, Cohen bounced back to a 10:10 but eventually lost this set with 10:12. In the second set, Cohen increased the pressure on Team 2011 and won it with an impressive 11:5. The third set encounter was balanced, however, with the better end for CFC 1. Later in the fourth set, CFC 1 proved its dominance and won with an 11: 4 score line, thus the final with 3:1 in sets.

In the youth category, SKW 3 team was victorious over the SKW 2 and SKW 1. The League Cup went to SFC 1, while SKW 1 came in the second. Team 2011's Christoph Kubirske was named Player of the Day after putting on breath-taking performances.

Meanwhile, the Fistball Association of Namibia selected a new youthful board. Five of the seven board members were 30 years old or younger. They are:

  • President: Kristof Lerch
  • Finances: Christiane Hass
  • Secretary: Christian Knobloch
  • League coordinator: Andre Meng
  • International coordinator: Rico Kühnle-Kreitz
  • Youth and women coordinator: Claudia Schlettwein
  • Media relations officer: Helmo Minz

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