Collective efforts can foster positive change - Hans

Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project

The success and growth of any nation is intricately tied to the well-being of its people. These were the words Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director, Baronice Hans, shared when she launched the twenty-third edition of the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project on Wednesday, 19 July 2023, in Windhoek. “By embracing corporate social responsibility, we establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our communities, paving the way for a prosperous and sustainable future,” she said.  

The Project encourages contributors to visit its e-Apple platform on the Bank’s website, offering donors the option to purchase physical or virtual apples and apple juice. The apple cost remains N$5, the apple juice is N$8, and buying virtual apples starts at N$5 each.  

The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project has raised N$33.9 million for the Cancer Association of Namibia since its first donation of N$250 000 in 2000. Hans said that the Project is a remarkable initiative that stands as one of Namibia's most prominent corporate social initiatives, aiming to make a tangible difference in cancer patients.  

She further emphasised that Bank Windhoek’s commitment to social purpose is deeply ingrained in its strategic imperatives as the Bank strives to realise its vision of creating sustainable value for all stakeholders by partnering with customers, employees and communities. “Our collective efforts can foster positive change,” she said.  

Impacting lives 

CAN’s Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen, said that through the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project, they strive to create a channel for individuals, businesses, and organisations to contribute their time, resources, and donations towards fighting cancer in Namibia. During the past reporting year, ending on February 28, 2023, CAN’s work has resulted in 991 men being screened for prostate cancer, with 21 cases referred for treatment. Additionally, 3,634 women underwent screening for cervical cancer, leading to the detection and referral of 53 cases for treatment.  

The Cancer Association also partnered with the Dr AB May Cancer Care Centre and sponsored biopsy kits that enable early detection of breast cancer, leading to better curative outcomes for breast cancer.  

“Bank Windhoek is inspired by the Cancer Association of Namibia's tireless efforts. Their impact is far-reaching and transformative, from creating areas ensuring the environment for screenings to being a trusted partner in cancer care,” said Hans.  

She added that the Bank’s support for the health sector extends beyond the Cancer Apple Project, revealing that Bank Windhoek has financed the renowned Namibian Oncology Centre in Windhoek. This facility, which opened its doors in 2015, provides healthcare, offering progressive, comprehensive cancer care through advanced treatment modalities while prioritising early detection, treatment, and prevention. 

Hashtag "HeroesUnite," 

While introducing the Cancer Apple Project’s theme, Hans said that the significance of proper health care cannot be underestimated and that Bank Windhoek supports National Development Priorities, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Harambee Prosperity Plan. “The 2023 Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Campaign, aptly titled hashtag "HeroesUnite," acknowledges that we are all united in the powerful belief that we can overcome challenges, channel our strengths, and contribute to a cause that impacts millions,” she said, while Hansen agreed with her statement, equally adding that he is excited about the 2023 Apple Project theme as well. ​

“By supporting the Cancer Apple Fundraising Project, we are taking a stand against cancer, offering hope to those who need it most. Together, we can bring light into the lives of those battling this disease,” concluded Hans. 

The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project will donate all the raised funds to the Association in November 2023. 

​The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project partners are the following: 

  • NamPost and FP Du Toit, offering much needed transportation services.  
  • Jaylo Productions, official sound and production partner  
  • Namibia Fresh Produce and Food Lovers Market, providing fresh produce and resources vital to the success of the Project. 
  • Solitaire Press, printing partner. 
  • Maerua SuperSpar, contribution towards the school prizes. 
  • Media partners are NBC, the Namibian newspaper and Kosmos radio.


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