Focused on Quality and Making an Impact

Focused on Quality and Making an Impact
Otillie Sabatha acted as the Head of Brand Marketing for a year and was officially appointed on 1 October 2023. At 19, she joined Bank Windhoek’s Ondangwa Branch as the Branch Manager's personal assistant with little experience. However, she made it her mission to listen, observe and replicate what she saw, soaking up every piece of knowledge like a sponge. She manages a team to establish connections between Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Private Wealth brands.​

Sabatha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Science and Technology (NUST) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the Harold Pupkewitz School of Business. She says combining these two academic achievements equipped her with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to excel in her professional career.

Roles and responsibilities

As the Head of Brand Marketing, her duties include managing the brand's health and leading a team of brand and media experts to oversee the brand marketing function. This function includes managing product and service marketing strategies, brand visibility, stakeholder engagement, client service, project, supplier and budget management.

In addition to managing the team, she is responsible for developing and implementing long-term sustainable brand strategies that drive business growth. This approach includes working closely with other departments to ensure all marketing efforts align with the business objectives.

“My role is vital in establishing authentic connections between the Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Private Wealth brands and their respective audiences. I take pride in ensuring that our brand remains strong, vibrant and relevant in the minds of our customers,” she said.


Sabatha takes pride in her growth while acknowledging those who assisted her and those she currently leads. She considers her transition into marketing and the art of problem-solving as the most significant highlight of her career. With aims to focus on excellence, she says her strategy is simple - taking quality and impact seriously.

The Head of Brand Marketing, she says the industry presents new and unique challenges, making it an exciting and dynamic field. “As the intermediary between businesses and customers, I need a broad understanding of various topics to provide effective solutions. It requires continuous learning, and I am grateful for the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills regularly. I enjoy working in strategic environments,” she said.

Sabatha says the marketing industry is predominantly handled by advertising agencies in Namibia. “These agencies work with businesses in various industries to develop brand positioning and market products and services. Smaller businesses engage in marketing efforts to their clients or other companies via freelancers. Some corporations have their in-house marketing department, but our company stands out as we have an In-House 360 marketing department,” she said.

She says that while Namibia still relies heavily on traditional media, digital marketing is rapidly expanding, and influencer marketing and partnerships are becoming more prevalent in the industry.


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