Good health is vital to national progress

By Bank Windhoek's Executive Officer of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Lukas Nanyemba.


Health is wealth. The international community agrees that good health is of social and economic value to individuals, society and the economy in general. Good health enables the prosperous and flourishing societies that governments strive to achieve. Investing in health is a wise choice in the best of times and an urgent necessity in the worst of times. The COVID-19 pandemic tested the above to its core all over the world.


Physical health, as a fundamental human right, is stated as a core principle in the World Health Organisation's (WHO's) Constitution (United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25:1948) and must always be supported by visionary-driven leaders in the world.


Namibia has a two-tier health system: public health under the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) and private health services owned and established by health institutions. The MoHSS's mandate is to oversee, provide, and regulate the public, private, and non-government sectors in the provision of quality health and social services by ensuring equity, accessibility, affordability, and sustainability.


Understanding the importance of health sector support 

Since its establishment over the past forty-two years, Namibia's only wholly-owned commercial bank, Bank Windhoek, has contributed to the economic development of various sectors. As part of its commitment to the country, Bank Windhoek, through its Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) division, contributes to Namibia's socio-economic development by financing multiple projects in critical sectors of the economy, including healthcare.


CIB assists in economic advancement by providing tailored financial services with a strong emphasis on risk and regulatory management. Alongside its functions, CIB uses its expert and financial resources to sustainably invest in effective healthcare that cares for patients and creates longevity.  


Bank Windhoek continuously supports Namibia's two-tier health system by investing in high-quality health services that make specialised health care possible. Investment in these sectors keeps the sustainability and accessibility of the MOHSS vision alive, especially in a developing country like Namibia.


Internationally developed countries have advanced healthcare facilities. The abovementioned investment creates a platform for Namibia's healthcare to participate in developing countries' advantages. At the same time, funding and access to health facilities are seen as significantly challenging in Africa. To address these challenges, CIB continuously supports the healthcare sector by investing in advanced technology initiatives to improve healthcare quality in Namibia. Investing in these areas aims to bring positive change through opportunities for the country. 


Bank Windhoek partners with healthcare providers and continuously tailors its product offerings to relevant stakeholders to enhance economic development, technologically advanced equipment, and much-needed job creation to put Namibia on the healthcare map in Southern Africa.


Investing in state-of-the-art healthcare equipment assists in good clinical outcomes and cost-effective healthcare. Equipment funding also attracts clinical specialists to the country and contributes to several medical success stories. The availability of advanced technology and skilled healthcare specialists allows the country access to advanced medicine and pharmaceutical consumables that were not possible in the past.


The accessibility and availability of medicine contribute to health and health is wealth. By living and supporting a “thought leadership" approach, Bank Windhoek contributes to an effective healthcare system.


Bank Windhoek will continue supporting Namibia's growth in its economic development to attain sustainable success. Journey with us as we invest in good healthcare to give Namibians access to benefit from essential services and products that advance access to healthcare in the country.


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