"It is possible to love a bank" - Hans

On Wednesday 12 June 2024, Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director, Baronice Hans, said that as a Namibian-owned financial institution, Bank Windhoek’s responsibility extends beyond financial services and strives towards the betterment of Namibia through presence and corporate social responsibility. Hans delivered the statement at the launch of the Bank’s new brand campaign titled “Is it possible to love a Bank?”, hosted at Grove Mall in Windhoek. 

The key objectives of the “Is it possible to love a Bank?” campaign is to strengthen Bank Windhoek’s "Journeying Together” concept by reiterating the narrative of the love of banking designed to engage and demonstrate the strong connection between Bank Windhoek and its stakeholders. “Indeed, it is possible to love a bank when it genuinely cares for its people and their aspirations,” Hans said. 

Hans added that Bank Windhoek prides itself on being more than just a financial institution. “We are a relationship bank. We aim to leverage this identity to foster trust and demonstrate authenticity in our approach to banking,” she said. “Authentic banking is about Bank Windhoek adding value to the lives of Namibians, forging lasting connections, and remaining attuned to the evolving needs of individuals, communities, and society at large,” Hans said.

A proudly Namibian production

As a proud advocator for local growth, Bank Windhoek partnered with Namibian service providers and local communities countrywide to produce a television commercial. Spearheaded by the Bank’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Services department, the television commercial took eight-months to produce, culminating into a three-minute production of world-class standards, which premiered at the launch event on Wednesday. “Fifty percent of the cast featured in our commercial are Bank Windhoek staff, and this is a true testimony of their passion and dedication to serve and demonstrate their love for the brand and the Namibian nation,” Hans said. 

The television commercial beckons Namibia to join the Bank on a journey, as it shares its narrative on its brand's values and principles. Hans said that through relatable human experiences, the television commercial also highlights how the campaign aims to bring Namibia's rich tapestry to life.

A seasoned Namibian music producer and composer, Ponti Dikuua, who leads the renowned Namibian choir Collective Singers, performed “For the Sake of Love” at the event, a song solely commissioned and produced to support the Bank’s Brand Campaign. 

Hans concluded that the “Is it possible to love a Bank?” brand campaign’s marketing material will be visible on various media platforms from Monday, 17 June 2024. "We invite everyone to come journey with us.”


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