Junior Chess Championships Highlight Future Grandmasters

Junior Chess Championships Highlight Future Grandmasters

​Showcasing their chess skills and techniques, junior players from around Namibia participated in the Bank Windhoek 2024 Namibia National Junior Chess Championships held last weekend, from Saturday, 9 and Sunday, 10 March 2024, in Windhoek. Displaying the rising interest in chess within the country, the Championships exceeded the anticipated number of youths participating in the Namibian National Schools Individual Chess Championships (NNSICC) finale. The event saw a new record with over 430 male and female participants.

Bank Windhoek’s Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack, said, as a partner in empowering the sports code since 2007, Bank Windhoek has seen the establishment and roll-out of the Bank Windhoek National Junior Chess Championships across 100 schools in Namibia, which continues to be a success. “The sponsorship aligns with Bank Windhoek’s commitment to fostering the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. By supporting this initiative, we reinforce our dedication to empowering future generations and paving the way for their success,” she said.

As the matches unfolded, the players from the participating ten zones were united by the sport while competing to showcase the brilliance and passion of playing chess.

President of the Namibia Chess Federation, Goodwill Khoa, says the event saw an excellent new nationwide participation record, including Keetmanshoop and Katima Mulilo. “Most of the players were excited to play their first tournament, and they were all well-behaved. It is common to have a few tears after a loss, but players were resilient and played all the rounds,” he said.

Khoa encourages future participants to register for their FIDE IDs this year, which will act as a player’s card for the tournament. “When participating in any town, you will be issued a FIDE ID. Alternatively, you can register with the Namibia Chess Federation,” he says.

The emerging top eight players will now set their sights toward the coastal town of Swakopmund during the school mid-term break to battle for the National Junior Team spot and a chance to represent Namibia internationally.


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