Cohen continues to dominate fistball

Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) successfully defended the National League A title at the Bank Windhoek Fistball Playoffs on Saturday, 24 September 2022, at the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW 1) fields in Windhoek. Boosted by home turf advantage, hosts SKW 1 won the National League B championship. SKW A and B won the Under 16 and 13 categories.

In the top-class final between CFC 1 and 2, the former started well and quickly secured a three-point lead. Rico Kühnle-Kreitz kept the second Cohen team in the match with his services. Nevertheless, CFC 1 kept a cool head in the decisive moments and won the first set. The entertaining encounter became even more exciting in the second set because neither team could break away from the other. With a score line of 15:14, the set finally went to CFC 1. In the third set of intense encounters, CFC 1 kept its club mates at bay and won again, thus securing the championship as in the previous season without losing a game.

In the National League A semi-finals, CFC 1 defeated the Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC 1), 3:0. CFC 2 made history in the second semi-final, qualifying for the League A final for the first time. With 3:0, CFC 2 won against SKW 3 with a 3:0 score line. Spiker Rico Kühnle-Kreitz strengthened the team.

SKW 1 won the semi-final in the National League B by beating SKW 2. The guests from SFC 2 lost the second semi-final against CFC 3, 2:3 and missed the final. SKW 1 was the dominant team in the final. They won the League B final against CFC 3, with a 3:1 score line.

In a gripping Under 16 league final, SFC A and SKW A gave it their all. The spectators were showered with remarkable fistball at the highest level. SKW A won the championship in the five-sets thriller with a 15:14 in the final set and thus a 3:2 victory.​

In the Under 13 category, SKW B won ahead of SFC A, SKW C and SKW A. Youngster Marko Russmann from SFC 2 and SFC A was named Player of the Day. Tamara Grögli played a crucial role in SKW's Under 16 and League B's success and was named the Youth Player of the Day.

Next on the fistball calendar is the Cohen Tournament, which takes place on Saturday, 15 October 2022 in Windhoek. Meanwhile, before the playoffs, the extended men's squad met for two training camps, which were used for the preparation and trials of the men's National Team. Namibia will be taking part in the World Cup in Germany next year.

The following are the full log standings of the Bank Windhoek Fistball Playoffs:

National League A Teams

  1. CFC 1
  2. CFC 2
  3. SKW 3
  4. SFC 1

National League B Teams

  1. SKW 1
  2. CFC 3
  3. SKW 2
  4. SFC 2
  5. SKW 4

U/16 Teams

  1. SKW A
  2. SFC A
  3. SFC B
  4. SKW B

U/13 Teams

  1. SKW B
  2. SFC A
  3. SKW C
  4. SKW A

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