Mentzel Takes on Digital Marketing Strategist Role at Bank Windhoek

Mentzel Takes on Digital Marketing Strategist Role at Bank Windhoek

A Digital Marketing Strategist is an innovative mind behind a company’s online advertising efforts. The role is responsible for helping implement marketing strategies for digital media. It also includes tasks like optimising landing on websites pages, studying the competitor landscape and performing data analysis. Julian Mentzel does this for Bank Windhoek. 

Mentzel was born and raised in Windhoek and describes himself as “a pretty normal dude”. He is a digital enthusiast with a degree in Marketing and Communication from the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa. He is Google-certified in digital marketing and believes in being driven by curiosity, which enables him to explore and create a positive change. 

In 2021, he started his career at KlickSense, a digital marketing agency with a presence in Cape Town and the United Kingdom. He was exposed to various aspects of the business and eventually ascended to Head of Growth at KlickSense. This role expanded his horizons into business development and sales, where he developed strategies to reach new markets and customers and advised customers on optimising their business and generating more sales through being more digitised and effective through digital marketing. 

Mentzel’s interests include exploring the dynamic digital landscape, with a keen interest in digital solutions, marketing, transformation, innovation, automation, the power of data and especially providing real value to customers - “the digital space is exciting and may have some fancy solutions, but at the end of the day they need to make sense to the customer and create value for them by solving their needs.” Mentzel is committed to identifying and addressing market gaps and serving the customer innovatively. He believes in constant learning, exploration and development, and is convinced that people’s actions and visions should positively impact society.  

Mentzel enjoys reading and is always eager to expand his knowledge. He is also a passionate runner, occasionally challenging himself with marathons.  

Mentzel’s career at Bank Windhoek started as a temporary Digital Content Specialist this year. He recently got promoted to the role of Digital Marketing Specialist, effective 1 October 2023. So far, he said that he has been exposed to much in the banking sphere and learned a lot in the short time due to the conducive environment that Bank Windhoek offers. He is excited to see what the future holds. “The fastest way anywhere is slowly, and every great story has a small beginning. If one stays curious and thinks big, one will grow and provide value to the world around you,” he said.  


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