Supporting the motoring industry

On Tuesday, 19 October 2021, Bank Windhoek launched the annual national Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) marketing campaign. Themed 'Find the one', the VAF marketing campaign will offer customers the best deals to finance their new or used vehicles country-wide.

“As a Namibian bank, we pride ourselves on being a bank of relationships," said Bank Windhoek's Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services, Jacquiline Pack. “We understand our customer's unique banking needs and where they are in their journey of life. Through this campaign, we demonstrate that we go the extra mile for their comfort and convenience."

Pack emphasised that the Bank's VAF marketing campaign's objective is to solidify Bank Windhoek's position in the vehicle financing market as the ultimate financial partner of choice. She revealed that some of the campaign's benefits would provide customers with an extended repayment term of up to 72 months for all new vehicles and a 90-day vacation payment option. "These options are mainly designed to make repayments more affordable for our customers," said Jacquiline. She added that the campaign has exciting customer-facing competitions, giving customers the opportunity of winning exciting and enticing prizes.

Current vehicle market situation

The campaign has come at a time when new vehicle sales in Namibia hit a record low since COVID-19. In its monthly vehicle sales review, IJG Namibia said that the sluggish growth in car sales in Namibia emanated from consumers not being able to afford new vehicles and corporates not replacing their fleets. Pack explained that the Bank's annual national VAF marketing campaign could contribute to assisting customers to affording a new motor vehicle.

"We encourage customers to take advantage of these deals by visiting our website, branches, to buy their dream vehicle," concluded Pack. The VAF campaign will end on Thursday, 31 March 2022.

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