The Bank Windhoek Agra Weaner Championship welcomes communal farmers

Bank Windhoek understands the importance of building a robust agricultural sector to aid national food security. This statement was said by Bank Windhoek’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorships, Audrey Mostert, supporting the 2023 Agra Weaner Championship Series’ 12th Edition, launched on Tuesday, 30 May 2023, in Windhoek.

Representing Bank Windhoek as the primary sponsor, Mostert said the Bank had been a proud sponsor of the annual weaner auction since 2009 in partnership with Agra. Mostert added that the support for the Series represents the Bank’s relationship with the farming community, based on understanding their needs and supporting the activities of the farming sector.

Agra’s Officer of Sponsorship and Stakeholder Engagement, Trudy Howard, shared that showcasing excellence in Namibian cattle production, the highly anticipated Agra Weaner Championship Series ignites excitement among cattle farmers nationwide. “Spanning from Karasburg to Grootfontein, 18 auctions are scheduled between Tuesday, 18 July and Thursday, 14 September,” she said. “We will organise four auctions in the communal areas of Aminus, Okondjatu, Talismanus, and Okakarara.” 

The Agra Weaner Championship Series’ primary objective is to provide capacity-building opportunities for participating communities and to recognise the top producers for their outstanding achievements. Howard added that the Series serves as a significant cashflow stimulus for numerous cattle farmers and incentivises excellence in weaner quality. 

Howard said that by participating in the Series, producers could gauge and compare their production standards and management practices with their peers nationally. “The judging criteria have been standardised to ensure fairness and eliminate biases. Animals compete in one of three competition categories: Feedlot Potential (Tollies), Field Potential (Tollies), or Breeding Potential (Heifers),” said Howard.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in every competition category. The prizes will be distributed at each auction during the series, culminating in the announcement of regional winners and overall champions at the prestigious Gala Event held in October. 

“The Agra Weaner Championship Series embodies inclusivity and represents the exceptional quality of Namibian cattle production. Achieving recognition in this competition requires unwavering commitment and adherence to excellent farming and management practices. Agra extends its sincere gratitude to its official event partners for their unwavering support,” said Howard.

Mostert concluded by acknowledging Agra and appreciating all the other sponsor's efforts, saying that collective effort can positively benefit the nation.


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