We Will Continue Demonstrating Value to Customers - Hans

Bank Windhoek Customer Experience Day

Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director, Baronice Hans, said the Bank will continue demonstrating value for its customers. Hans said this when she visited Bank Windhoek’s Katutura Branch on Tuesday, 3 October 2023, where she assisted customers at the Branch to celebrate Customer Experience Day.

Celebrated annually, Customer Experience Day is recognised globally in highlighting the importance of customers. Internationally, this year's celebration focused on the imperative for Customer Experience to contribute to a better world by making a positive, sustainable difference to an organisation's bottom line and the welfare of its customers and the employees who serve them.

Hans said that Bank Windhoek values customer service, which is at the heart of what the Bank does. She added that it underpins the Bank’s success. “Customer service requires us to be available for them, see the world from their perspective, solve their problems for their convenience, and demonstrate value for the investment they make in the Bank, be it through their transactional services or lending activities,” said Hans. 

Themed "Putting customers first and at the core of the business," Hans was joined by the Bank’s Executive Management Team who assisted customers at various branches around Windhoek. The Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, Zenaune Kamberipa, was stationed at the Bank’s Wernhill Agency. Kamberipa said he enjoyed the experience and will continue doing it more. “When we sit in our offices, we assume that our customers will accept our solutions by default, but that is untrue. As a result, I appreciate these visits because they will inform how I view a decision from a different perspective,” he said. 

Bank Windhoek customers commended the Bank for their efforts and felt valued. Charmaine //Gowases, who has just joined Bank Windhoek, said she was delighted to have been assisted by the Bank’s Managing Director. Hanelora Arnath, a Bank Windhoek customer for the past thirteen years, said she appreciates the Bank and cannot even consider joining other banks. “I love the customer service, convenience and the people in Bank Windhoek. The Bank should keep up the excellent work,” she said.

The Bank’s staff members from all branches in Namibia were encouraged to share an example of how they put customers first and at the core of the business and Hans concluded by saying that the event was an opportunity to build a stronger bond between the Bank and its customers.


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